Product Categories and Conditions:

1. New Items.
2. Discounted Items.
3. New Items without Original Packaging.
4. Returned Items – Customer providing an incorrect address, resulting in the return of the product to the distributor, but the packaging was damaged with labels.
5. Items used for no more than 14 days.

Offer Details:

- Products available in their original packaging, unopened, and with seals intact.
- Returned items from major stores in the European Union.
- Opportunity to purchase quality products at a favorable price.

Condition of Goods:

- Products may have damaged packaging, but the product is new, in its original wrap, without defects or scratches.

Defects Category:

- Category of goods that may have minor defects, dents, or scratches.
- Additional description provided for items with defects.

Emphasis on Quality and Inspection:

- Thorough inspection for each returned product.
- Buyers can be confident in the condition and quality of the product.

Buyer's Benefit:

- By purchasing returned items, buyers not only save money but also receive a high-quality product that meets their preferences and requirements.

The most common reasons for returns are packaging damage. Sometimes, a certain accessory may be missing. (This will always be indicated in the product description.) Upon receipt, you can always check again. The instruction booklet will specify what accessories are included. Also, damaged packaging can be considered "packaging damage." This often happens when the product packaging is not packed in a brown additional box. Therefore, you have a good opportunity to purchase a NEW product, a quality product, for a reasonable price. Use it for many years without any problems.


On our website rare.lv, we offer a wide range of products, not limited to Germany, France, and the Netherlands, but also including exciting goods from China. Each product indicates its country of origin, so you can precisely know where it comes from. Although this particular product was purchased in Germany, its country of origin is China. We have provided this information to give you a complete overview of our diverse range of products and to provide a clear idea of where they come from.


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