If the selected product is not shipped to your country, please contact support.

1.1 Product Availability - If there is no additional information, the products are immediately available upon ordering.

1.2 Delivery Time - The order will be dispatched no later than 23:59 on the current working day after receiving payment. Delivery time applies to weekdays from Monday to Friday and excludes public holidays.

1.3 Delivery Address - At the time of ordering, you will encounter a form to fill out. In the application, you need to specify your residential address, and in the next field, you can indicate, for example, delivery to a parcel locker. In this case, there might be a small confusion because your residential address and parcel locker address are different. No need to worry; if you don't check the "Delivery to a different address" box, our staff will automatically find the nearest parcel locker based on your actual residential address. But if you prefer delivery to your door, then choose "Delivery to the door"; in this case, the cost may vary slightly as the courier will deliver the product to you individually. Apologies for this small confusion. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us in the section below. Contacts

Standard delivery costs using Parcomat in Latvia

One price for all sizes: OMNIVA LV

Size up to 38 x 39 x 64 cm, weight up to 30 kg.

1.99 EUR.

One price for all sizes: LATVIJAS PASTS

Size up to 38 x 38 x 58 cm, weight up to 31.5 kg.

1.99 EUR.

One price for all sizes" DPD LV

Size up to 36 x 43 x 61 cm, weight up to 31.5 kg.

1.99 EUR.


2.1 On-Site Pickup Options - The product can be picked up on-site. More detailed information can be found in the "contacts" section.

Security and Privacy:

3.1 Confidentiality - Customer data and visitor information are confidential. Information is not disclosed except in the case of product delivery or as required by law.


4.1 Payment Methods - A wide range of payment methods, collaboration with multiple banks.

4.2 Secure Payment - A secure and encrypted system is used for credit card transactions.

4.3 Payment Flexibility - Flexible payment solutions tailored to customer preferences and financial capabilities.

PayPal Information:

5.1 PayPal Collaboration - Active collaboration with PayPal, providing additional payment options.

5.2 PayPal Payment Methods - Linking a bank account or credit card to a PayPal account. A small percentage fee for PayPal transactions.


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