We are delighted to offer you an exclusive opportunity to expand your range and reach a larger audience through our platform. Our goal is to provide you with the best conditions so that you can effectively showcase your products in various digital environments. By publishing your product on, it automatically appears on platforms such as, Salī,, Cikmaksā.lv,, and search engines.


To list your product on the mentioned platforms, there are some important requirements.

  1. Goods must have delivery or on-site pickup options in Latvia; familiarize yourself with the delivery policy (see).
  1. Adhere to Re&Tu's product return process and warranty conditions (see).
  1. The product must be new or used for no longer than 14 days. The condition and description of the product must be recorded. The product may or may not be in its original packaging.
  • High-quality photos of the product; please refer to photo examples - (Product Photos) If you don't have product photos, please request them from your product distributor. Usually, original photos of the product can be found using the article or unique product code. If that's not possible, you can create your own individual photos, but they must meet certain criteria (Product Photos). You can also contact Re&Tu for assistance.
  • Once photos are submitted, you'll need a product title, description, and keywords associated with the product. (You can send this information, and Re&Tu will organize it in the right order for the searcher to find your product.)
  • Product price. We need the selling price of your product.
  • Shipping. You must calculate the shipping costs for Re&Tu to set up individual shipping options that customers can choose when ordering the product. You can use our delivery services starting from 1.99 for all types of Latvian parcel machines. For more information about parcel machines, see here.
  • Your information. Provide your name and surname. For communication, please specify how Re&Tu can contact you in case of need. Your details. Provide the bank account where funds for the sale of goods will be transferred.

Commission Fees and Percentages:

 Tier Price
 Monthly fee
0.00 EUR
 Acceptance of EEA cards and initiation of payments

 1% + 0.10 EUR* + VAT (not included if the customer pays at the time of receipt)

 Acceptance of non-EEA cards

 1% + 0.10 EUR* + VAT (not included if the customer pays at the time of receipt)

 Re&Tu commission fee for product placement

 2% (including VAT)

Customer Payment: We understand that each customer is important, and therefore, we trust in your honesty and responsibility. As intermediaries between customers and sellers, we care about the security of our customers, ensuring that goods will be sent on time, and their description matches the actual product. To safeguard the interests of both parties, payment for the product will be temporarily frozen for no more than 7 days. Funds will be transferred to our autonomous partners every Friday until 23:59.

Customer Attention: Please note that by adhering to your commitments and consumer rights, you can continue to use all our platforms. However, in cases of violations or if buyers file complaints about non-compliance with obligations, we, informing the specific individual, have the right to terminate any collaboration with all platforms, including search.

Contact Us: We are here to help you build a successful and profitable collaboration. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can achieve great results and provide valuable offers to your customers. (contact)

Sincerely, Re&Tu


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